Clerk: Simon Weaver
1a St Bernards Road, Whitwick
Coalville, Leicestershire
LE67 5GX

The problem

Lorries, i.e. Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), travelling through the Parish on roads that are unsuitable for them.

The issues

Heavy vehicles cause:

  • increased wear on the roads
  • Damage to pavements and verges
  • Damage to properties by contact or increased vibration
  • Noise
  • Increased atmospheric pollution
  • Increased danger to other road users
  • Traffic hold ups.

The legal situation

The County Council can make traffic regulation orders banning from using roads that are unsuitable vehicles with a gross plated weight, i.e. their maximum permitted weight when loaded, of more than 7.5 tonnes.

However, heavier vehicles are allowed access to depots and delivery or collection points using restricted roads. There are several depots within the Parish.

Contravening a weight restriction is a crime and the police are the authority to act on infringements.

This map shows the current weight restrictions in the parish:

Parish Council Policy

The Council supports measures to discourage drivers from ignoring weight restrictions. The Council passes on resident's concerns to the police and encourages them to take action. The Council will seek modifications and additions to the weight restrictions if they seem to be necessary.


  • Report infringements to the police

Individual reports of suspected contraventions may be passed to the Police by emailing or by phoning 101.

Ideally the police need the following information:

  • Where is this incident occurring?
  • Is there a specific time/day it occurred?
  • Any vehicle registration details
  • Any haulier details
  • Is the same vehicle involved or various different vehicles?

The police try to deal with such complaints on a proactive basis whereby contact is made with the haulier concerned and an explanation sought. Only in exceptional circumstances will police resources deal with possible breaches of the weight limits.


May get individual offenders prosecuted

Residents can do something about the problem


Will probably not lead to a reduction of infringements unless it is part of a sustained, long term campaign.

Requires residents to gather evidence.

  • Increase police checks


A more visible police presence my deter potental offenders.

Will get more individual offenders prosecuted


Unlikely to get significant police resources to allocate to this issue

Will probably not lead to a significant reduction of infringements

  • Install enforcement cameras


Likely to be effective


Expensive both to set up and run